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February 3, 2023 . 4 min read

What is a Software Delivery Platform, and how does it benefit DevOps? 

DevOps emerged as a way to improve collaboration, efficiency, and speed in software delivery by breaking down traditional silos between development and operations and promoting a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration. However, the rise of DevOps gave birth to its own set of challenges such as

  1. Cultural resistance
    Changing the culture of an organization to embrace DevOps can be difficult, especially when it requires breaking down traditional silos between development and operations teams.
  2. Technical complexity
    Implementing DevOps can be technically complex, especially for organizations that have legacy systems and processes in place.
  3. Integration
    Integrating new tools and processes into existing systems and workflows can be challenging.
  4. Security concerns
    Ensuring the security of systems and applications can be difficult in a fast-paced, highly automated DevOps environment.
  5. Collaboration and communication
    Collaboration and communication between development and operations teams can be a challenge, especially in large organizations with multiple teams and stakeholders.
  6. Skill shortages
    Finding skilled professionals with expertise in DevOps can be difficult, especially in a highly competitive job market.

It became necessary to have a more efficient and streamlined process for delivering software as engineering teams started demanding seamless integration of multiple DevOps tools, advanced levels of automation in delivery, and elimination of repeatable tasks. These factors have led to the development of Software Delivery Platforms, which provide a centralized, automated approach to software delivery, enabling organizations to deliver high-quality software faster and more efficiently.

Why do we need a Software Delivery Platform?

The pressure is on DevOps teams to deliver software applications faster and with higher quality, all while balancing security and compliance requirements.  With so many moving parts and tools involved in the software delivery process, keeping everything organized and under control can be challenging. 

That’s why we need a Software Delivery Platform. A Software Delivery Platform helps DevOps teams streamline the software delivery process and improve their overall efficiency and effectiveness by providing a centralized and automated solution for software delivery pipeline management. 

So, if you’re looking to take your DevOps game to the next level, a Software Delivery Platform might be just what you need!

The benefits of a Software Delivery Platform include the following:

  1. Automation: It streamlines the software delivery process by automating builds, deployments, testing, and release management, reducing manual effort and minimizing errors.
  2. Enhanced Collaboration: A centralized platform facilitates better communication and collaboration between development and operations teams, leading to faster problem resolution and better alignment.
  3. Increased Efficiency: Automation and improved collaboration help DevOps teams deliver software applications faster and more efficiently. Real-time visibility into the pipeline makes it easier to identify and resolve issues.
  4. Improved Visibility: The platform provides real-time insight into the software delivery pipeline, including builds, deployments, and releases, making it easier to track changes and resolve issues quickly.
  5. Scalability: The platform is designed to scale and manage the software delivery pipeline for larger organizations, including multiple pipelines and tools, with templatization for quick deployment.
  6. Security & Governance: Built-in security features and tracking help ensure the security and compliance of the software delivery process, reducing the risk of security breaches and compliance issues. The platform’s role as a single source of truth makes it easier for enterprises to implement effective governance frameworks.

The Benefits of Ozone – The Next-Generation Software Delivery Platform

Ozone is a next-generation software delivery platform that eliminates the complexity of DevOps teams. It integrates with efficient solutions for CI, CD, analytics, and automation, enabling end-to-end software delivery even in the most complicated cases. With Ozone, deploying containerized and decentralized applications across hybrid cloud and various blockchain networks is made easier and more automated. Ozone also helps to standardize processes and bring in templatization, allowing for quick pipeline configuration and deployment.

In conclusion, a software delivery platform like Ozone can help DevOps teams deliver high-quality software applications faster and more efficiently, while ensuring security and compliance. With improved collaboration, automation, and scalability, DevOps teams can focus on delivering the best possible results for their organization.”

Ozone is focused on eliminating every complexity of a DevOps team. It simplifies and automates containerized and decentralised application deployments across hybrid cloud and diverse blockchain networks. Ozone integrates seamlessly with major tools across CI, CD, analytics and automation to support your software delivery end to end for even the most complex scenarios.

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