What is GitOps
Radish • 11 May 2023

What is GitOps? Understanding the Basics and Benefits!

GitOps is an approach to managing infrastructure and applications with Git as the single source of truth, increasing automation and repeatability.

Ozone Vs Legacy
Radish • 12 Apr 2023

Breaking Free From Legacy DevOps Platforms – How Ozone Outperforms the Competition

The article evaluates DevOps platforms’ limitations in optimizing efficiency, speed, and quality, introducing Ozone as a solution.

Top Kubernetes as a service (KaaS) Providers
Radish • 13 Mar 2023

Top Kubernetes as a Service (KaaS) Providers

Cloud-based platforms that offer a fully managed and scalable environment for deploying, managing, and scaling containerized applications using Kubernetes are known as managed Kubernetes services (Kubernetes-as-a-Service, or KaaS). Kubernetes is a robust container orchestration platform, but it has a challenging learning curve and needs a lot of setup and management time. With managed Kubernetes services, […]

DecSecOps Best Practices
Radish • 8 Mar 2023

Top 5 Essential DevSecOps Best Practices for Building Secure and Resilient Applications

Welcome, fellow tech enthusiasts, to the thrilling world of DevSecOps! Where a mighty triumvirate in the field of software engineering is formed by development, security, and operations. Let us lay the groundwork for you before we go into the specifics of best practices. Consider a scenario in which programmers create faultless code, security is as […]

Managed Kubernetes
Radish • 17 Feb 2023

Self-managed Kubernetes Vs. Kubernetes-as-a-service (Managed Kubernetes)

It is encouraging to note that enterprises are moving to Kubernetes and containerizing their applications to overcome technical debt. However, this shift in microservices is akin to a double-edged sword: You get the flexibility, speed, and control of your modern apps, but at the cost of an increase in technical complexity and a team that […]

Top 7 K8S Monitoring Tools
Radish • 21 Nov 2022

Top 7 Kubernetes Monitoring Tools

There’s no doubt that Kubernetes has seen an increase in adoption over the last few years. However, so has the complexity of working and managing them as you scale, especially monitoring and logging post-deployments. One needs to adopt new strategies for Kubernetes monitoring while working with limited tools available today, which can be quite a […]

What is Kubernetes
Team Ozone • 7 Nov 2022

What is Kubernetes and why is it important?

Kubernetes is a leading tool for deploying and managing large containerized applications. In this blog post, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Kubernetes, the Containers they manage & why Kubernetes is right for your organization.

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