Ozone Vs Legacy
Radish • 12 Apr 2023

Breaking Free From Legacy DevOps Platforms – How Ozone Outperforms the Competition

The article evaluates DevOps platforms’ limitations in optimizing efficiency, speed, and quality, introducing Ozone as a solution.

DecSecOps Best Practices
Radish • 8 Mar 2023

Top 5 Essential DevSecOps Best Practices for Building Secure and Resilient Applications

Welcome, fellow tech enthusiasts, to the thrilling world of DevSecOps! Where a mighty triumvirate in the field of software engineering is formed by development, security, and operations. Let us lay the groundwork for you before we go into the specifics of best practices. Consider a scenario in which programmers create faultless code, security is as […]

Radish • 23 Jan 2023

What is The CI/CD Pipeline and How Does It Work?

Have you been hearing a lot about CI/CD pipeline of late? Are you curious about what it is and what are the uses of CI CD pipeline? Would you prefer your engineering team to produce high-quality code quickly and without errors? Seriously, who wouldn’t? To do that sustainably over time, you need a quick and […]

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