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Multi-cluster K8s Management​

Simplify and Scale your Kubernetes Management across Cloud-Native Environments​


Zero Service Account Management

Simplify Cluster Permissions and Manifest Control. Relieve SREs from the burdensome task of managing service accounts for each cluster. Instead, streamline the process by editing cluster permissions on a centralized platform to control the manipulation of hundreds of Kubernetes manifests, including pods, deployments, daemonsets, and more.

Uncomplicating Kubernetes Manifests

Rather than relying on complex command-line tools, administrators can easily create, edit, and deploy manifests through Ozone’s intuitive GUI. Changes and versioning can easily be tracked and managed to ensure consistency across the Kubernetes environment.

One-Click Log views for Quick Issue Resolution

Empower developers to quickly navigate through microservice details and retrieve logs from desired pods with just a single click. Eliminate the need for kubectl access per cluster, streamlining the log extraction process within the Kubernetes environment.



Service Account Management

Automations to free up SRE time for more impactful tasks


Manifest Management

Maintain Kubernetes stack manifests using a GUI for higher productivity



Extract pod logs with a single click and no complex CLIs

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