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Multi-cloud Monitoring​

Unified Kubernetes monitoring and observability for efficient multi-cloud operations​


Prometheus without SREs

One-click setup of monitoring and logging agents on Kubernetes clusters helps eliminate the need for SRE expertise and manual effort, thus relieving bottlenecks while scaling deployments across clusters.

Federated Metrics Monitoring with Unified Dashboards

Negate the need of switching between multiple dashboards with a single interface that enables comprehensive monitoring of multiple clusters in a unified view.

Custom Alerts and Observability Across the K8s Stack

Create custom alerts for metrics and Kubernetes events with integrations across Slack, email or other channels for enhanced incident response and visibility across the stack.



Service Account Management

Automations to free up SRE time for more impactful tasks


Extended Retention

Better retention periods for accurate route cause analysis


Microservice Status

Pod health and related metrics for contextual microservice status view


Workload Visibility

Read-only pod-level visibility to monitor workloads across clouds

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