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Ozone Product Updates | Sept 2022

In the September release, we are picking up from where we left off last month: enhancing the experience of our partners/service providers with a few optimizations to the Ozone SaaS offering. Do peruse our August release notes for more information. 

In this release, the team has introduced a few features and fixes based on user feedback that gives more flexibility and control to Ozone partners and end customers as well. Details follow:

1. Dynamic Chargebacks

Ozone partners have more flexibility to set limits for each license and charge their end customers accordingly. This gives flexibility and control to Ozone partners in defining their licensing policies to end users (enterprises). Service providers can now add dynamic chargebacks per license parameter (clusters, apps, providers, etc) and set limits as well. 

2. Default ADB2C Login for Ozone Partners

Azure Active Directory B2C (Azure AD B2C) is an identity management service that enables custom control of how your customers sign up, sign in, and manage their profiles when signing up or logging into mobile or web applications. 

In this release, for service provider instances, ADB2C has been made a standard for identity management to streamline the user sign-up/login process where usernames and passwords are no longer required. 

3. Consolidated metrics for Ozone control plane

Metrics for Ozone partners is now consolidated across all SaaS instances of end-users and available on the Ozone control plane. This provides a single place for Ozone partners/service providers to get a snapshot of how things are across their customers’ SaaS instances. 

4. Unified Installer for Ozone partner components

There is now just one installer required for installing all the necessary components of the Ozone platform by the service provider. There are predominantly 3 components that go with it: An accounts manager and the ozone CRM along with an instance of Kong to globally manage and scale your microservices. 

Other Enhancements

1. Better onboarding Experience

DevOps platforms being quite extensive can often intimidate first-time users in terms of the initial setups and configurations. We understand the challenges associated with new user onboarding for which we have taken a few steps to streamline it. 

The latest release comes with a bootstrapped application with a sample repository along with a pipeline that the user can use to deploy once he signs up. This helps get a quick hands-on feel of the platform and the ease of deploying with Ozone. 

2. Improved resiliency for Thanos

Thanos is an open-source project that seamlessly transforms existing Prometheus deployments in clusters globally into a unified monitoring system with unbounded historical data storage. It is a highly available Prometheus setup with long-term storage capabilities. It helps Ozone unify clusters in an account onto one single Grafana dashboard. This helps enhance Ozone’s multi-cloud cluster monitoring capabilities. Certain under-the-hood tweaks have improved Thanos’ resiliency in this new release.

3. Improved reliability with namespace isolation

Namespaces are a way to organize clusters in a way that can help different teams or projects that share a Kubernetes cluster. Any number of namespaces are supported within a cluster, each logically separated from the others. 

There are two types of control planes: one for databases and another for applications. To improve reliability and for better visibility, we have now isolated database namespaces (behind the scenes) to keep the data plane separated from applications.

Ozone is focused on eliminating every complexity of a DevOps team. It simplifies and automates containerized and decentralised application deployments across hybrid cloud and diverse blockchain networks. Ozone integrates seamlessly with major tools across CI, CD, analytics and automation to support your software delivery end to end for even the most complex scenarios.

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