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Secrets Management​

Cutting-edge secrets management at scale for secure CI/CD​


In-Built Secrets Vault

Avoid storing secrets in repositories and follow best practices for secrets management with a secure in-platform vault, that does not necessitate a deep understanding of key vaults, key rotation, and secret cleanup.

Dynamic Secrets Injection

Secrets such as service accounts, personal access tokens, or secrets for SCM providers, registries, and cloud providers, among others, are automatically injected into pipelines based on the environment they are running in and are then cleaned up without the need for human intervention.

Security and Compliance

 Keep secrets safe by not storing them on git and thus preventing leaks or misuse. Comply with regulations by adhering to secret management standards such as secret rotation and injection for CI/CD.



Secrets On-Demand

Automate secret injections into pipeline runs as and when needed


Skill Independent

Manage secrets without deep knowledge of key vaults, rotations, and cleanup



No secrets misuse or leaks due to access control, unlike when stored on git

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