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Multi-cluster Backup & Restore​

Safeguard and migrate Kubernetes applications with automated cluster backup and seamless restores​


Automated Backups with Velero

Simplify the process of migrating stateless and stateful applications across Kubernetes clusters without the need for third party tools to create backup snapshots or manual setting up of cron jobs, and bash scripts.

Efficient Data Snapshotting and Restore

Streamline the creation of backup snapshots with cloud storage integration, eliminating the need for manual setup and reducing reliance on CLI-based tools. Restore to any cluster in just a few clicks.

No Service Accounts

Developers can gain visibility into cluster backups without the need for cluster access during day-to-day operations with zero service account sprawl. Reduce dependency on SRE when at scale

GUI-Based Management

A GUI-based backup management interface helps enhance productivity and visibility for developers and SREs, eliminating the need for third-party tools and reducing context switching.



One-Click Setup

Create backup agents per cluster in minutes rather than hours



Migrate stateful and stateless applications across clusters to avoid vendor lock-in


Backup Schedules

Leverage GUI to manage schedules of recovery points


SRE productivity

Developer self-service for managing and observing backups without access to clusters and CLIs, thus freeing up SREs

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