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Governance and RBAC​

Empowering teams with collaborative control through effective RBAC and governance​


Microservice Visibility and Governance

Enable need-based access for teams to view microservice health, pipeline executions, and application endpoints. Leverage pre-built standardized templates for deployment strategies to ensure better CI/CD governance across the organization.

CI/CD Approvals and Change Management:

Execute CI/CD approvals and change management workflows within the Ozone platform, eliminating the need for external solutions. Implement forced or automated CI/CD approval gates and ensure seamless collaboration between development and operations teams.

Project-Based Access Control and Segregation

Segregate account members and CI/CD resources such as repositories, registries, clusters, environments, variables, and more within projects. Assign project-specific roles to grant different levels of control and permissions for members, thus gating the underlying CI/CD infrastructure and enhancing resource management and governance.



Deployment Workflows

Reduced learning curve with user-friendly deployment strategies and workflows


DevOps for Beginners

View and deploy access to test and deploy, reducing bottlenecks, learning curves, and deployment risks.


Granular RBAC

Over 20+ resource and feature-level controls for defining roles across projects and accounts

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