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Release Notes | June 2023

This latest release of Ozone – 1.2.13, brings in two major features and a host of fixes and improvements both from a UI and UX perspective. For context on the previous months, you can refer to our previous release notes here

The following is the summary of what you can find in this release:

  1. Enhanced Team Management: Most of you might be aware of Ozone’s UX overhaul and the rollouts that we’ve rapidly been making in the last few months. For this release, we have an all-new approach to Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) coupled with SSO integration, in keeping with the new UX. Not just visually, but the latest RBAC has gone more granular than before. 

You can manage project and account members, along with creating and assigning roles to them in the “Account Management” tab. Here’s what the roles view now looks like: 

While creating a role, permissions can be defined very specifically to each resource, asset, or workflow. 

  1. Refer a Friend: The Ozone user community is ever-growing, and we now have streamlined the process for onboarding new users onto the platform with specific rewards for every successful referral sone on Ozone. It is now possible for users to invite their friends and colleagues onto the platform by just entering their email IDs. Every user account gets a dynamic referral code, the use of which streamlines the new user referral and invites workflows on Ozone. 

Other minor fixes:

  1. The CSS for the resource importing form has been modified to make it easier to work with. 
  2. Users can view task YAMLs from the task catalog in the Ozone Studio. 
  3. Lazy loading now replaces pagination wherever there are table components in Ozone. 
  4. A few screens have been made more responsive for better UX. 

Ozone is focused on eliminating every complexity of a DevOps team. It simplifies and automates containerized and decentralised application deployments across hybrid cloud and diverse blockchain networks. Ozone integrates seamlessly with major tools across CI, CD, analytics and automation to support your software delivery end to end for even the most complex scenarios.

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