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Release notes for April

And we’re out with yet another update for Ozone: The Modern CI/CD Platform! We’re calling this the 1.1.9 release, which might seemingly look like a considerable jump from our last release. Not just in version numbers, but in terms of features too, the platform boasts multitudes of new features, improvements, and capabilities.

In case you missed our last release, here it is, where the focus was on improving the agility of the platform. In continuation with our strive for making the platform a lot more user-friendly, the latest version focuses on improvements and new add-ons not just on the UI/UX front, but also by simplifying workflows. Here’s a look at all the new features in 1.1.9:

  • Clair Native Support for CI/CD: Clair is a widely popular open-source security tool that forms a part of the toolchain for most DevOps teams. It is a tool used to monitor container image vulnerabilities by inspecting them layer-by-layer through static analysis. As part of providing enterprise-ready features on Ozone, the team is excited to include Clair into the Ozone family to expand its shift-left DevSecOps capabilities. With this tool integration, you can now uncover vulnerabilities before you deploy to production or go public from your deployment workflows in Ozone. All you need to do is onboard your Clair onto Ozone and we let you orchestrate it along with all the other toolchains from one place!

  • Support for Azure Container Registry (ACR) and Docker Hub webhooks: Webhooks are lightweight APIs that enable one-way data sharing which are triggered by events on an external system. A container registry webhook, for example, triggers events when certain actions take place in one of your registry repositories. With these webhooks, pipelines and releases can be triggered if there is an image push from any external source to your ACR or Docker Hub registry. The support for this feature is now enabled on the latest version which helps streamline the CI aspect of DevOps. Supported events include push, delete, chart_push, and chart_delete for ACR. For Docker Hub, a docker registry’s image push event is listened to by ozone post which cd workflows are triggered.

  • User onboarding guides: Being an end-to-end CI/CD platform, Ozone integrates with multiple external tools and resources to provide that single-pane-of-glass control to its users. This invariably means, onboarding most of your resources and toolchains during the initial setup and configuration of Ozone. For this, we have now included guides within the platform that take you step-by-step through the process of onboarding your CI/CD resources like:
    1. Applications
    2. Registries
    3. Repositories
    4. Providers
    5. Clusters
    6. Webhooks
    7. Helm Channels
    8. Variables
    9. Environment

There is an option of adding custom context to each of these resources as well through description fields that can be created for better organization memory across teams. The UI for displaying entities like Project, Member, Helm Channels, and Environments have also been improved to provide better context for each.

Enhancements and integrations for enriched usability:

  • Support for the latest Kubernetes version on Azure: On-demand cluster creations form an integral part of CI/CD with Kubernetes management being a key aspect. With this release, Ozone supports managing the latest Kubernetes version that is supported by Azure while creating clusters on it.
  • Map Resource groups for Azure clusters: To provide a better context for DevOps teams and facilitate collaborations, while a user created a cluster on Azure, he can map the resource groups against those respective clusters to provide for better clarity and insights.

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