The Best Way to Monitor Across Clouds

Improve visibility of Kubernetes events, Cluster metrics, and logs with next-gen monitoring.

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Do More With Ozone

Expand the potential of your apps with meaningful insights across multi-cloud deployments.

Autopilot With AIOps

Liberate your team from manual overheads with ML-based automation for tackling failed deployments and initiating instant rollbacks. Continuous verifications made simple.

Set-Up Your Dashboard in Minutes

Enable monitoring across private and public clouds in a few clicks. Analyze logs and metrics from one place on your dashboard across multiple clusters.

Maximize Control

Achieve a higher retention period of Kubernetes events across clouds for better visibility. Analyze the root cause for pod or node failures.

Setup Alerts and Notification:

Take action from custom alerts on tools like Slack, MS teams and more for events such as pipeline execution with adjustable thresholds.

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