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The Best Way to Monitor Across Clouds

Improve visibility of Kubernetes events, cluster metrics, and logs with next-gen monitoring

Native Visibility to Kubernetes Workloads

Bring all of the statuses and objects of any Kubernetes cluster that is attached for CI/CD into the Ozone GUI for easier, on-demand, and unified access to information for developers

Analyze Events

Capture K8s events with a retention policy to improve root cause analysis.

Alerts and Notifications

Configure custom alerts for K8s events and cluster metrics to improve visibility and response times.

Comprehensive Cluster-Level Insights 

Reduce friction between platform teams by giving developers access to cluster information across various parameters like cluster health, namespaces, workloads, nodes, events, storage, configurations, networks, and more.

Integrate Your Monitoring Tools

Secure your applications by automatically kicking off security scans. Set triggers on when to scan, which environments to scan, etc.


Use log management tools like Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana (ELK stack) or Splunk to aggregate, analyze, and visualize the logs in your CI-CD pipeline.

Pipeline Metrics and DORA

Native Prometheus monitoring & Grafana visualization to instrument your CI/CD pipeline with relevant metrics, such as build times, deployment frequency, time to restore, change failure rates, mean time to production,  and resource utilization. Monitor pipeline behavior, identify issues, and gain visibility. 

Error Tracking & Exceptions

Integrations with tools like Jaeger and Sentry help give context to error tracking and analyze failures and exceptions in the CI/CD process through the pipeline run logs. 

Unified View Across Multiple Clouds

Simplify Kubernetes monitoring and analytics with Ozone’s integrated stack, enabling powerful visualizations and comprehensive insights for streamlined operations.

Integrated Kubernetes Monitoring Stack

Multiple Kubernetes monitoring and APM tools are either bundled with or compatible with Ozone, which helps collect and analyze data on one platform, hence becoming the single source of truth for all things Kubernetes. 

Powerful and Streamlined Visualizations

With no dedicated resources, instances, or licenses needed, data across multiple clusters can be visualized on the Grafana dashboard along with insights from other APM solutions to provide a 360-degree view of your deployments. 

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