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Run CI pipelines on-demand

Build, test, and verify: Integrations to source code, registry, and security providers

Parallelize for Speed

Multiple parallelizable tasks, and their reusable templates ensure consistency and other such features speed up your builds, and improve developer experience.

Advanced Parallelization to Accomplish More

Flexible pipeline configuration enables advanced parallelization of tasks for simultaneous execution of builds, tests, scans, and code-prettify.

Reuse Pipeline Templates to Standardize CI

Save and reuse complex pipeline templates to standardize CI. Templates for project-level policy and configuration changes to streamline processes. 

Automate Builds with Triggers & Webhooks

Simple and flexible UI to configure triggers with Helm, API/CLI triggers, Cron, Git, registry and generic triggers.

Rapid Onboarding

Ozone container-native solution helps build smart and scale fast with shift-left tests and scans, empowering DevOps teams to build quick and responsive CI workflows.

Connect with any Git Repository

Connect your GitHub, BitBucket, Azure, GitLab repos, and more. Use any compiler, and build applications with curated out-of-the-box tasks.

Use Any Major Language or Framework

Build Python, Java, Node.js, PHP, Go, or any other framework with containerized compilers.

DevSecOps for CI

Ozone offers everything ranging from dynamic secrets management, whitelisting IP, masking secrets, encryptions, and more to ensure that your deployments are secure with strong CI practices

Integrate SAST & DAST, Shift-Left Security

Integrate with SonarQube, Snyk, Sysdig, Claire, Prisma, Hashicorp, and others.  Enforce security checks & code reviews at key points in your CI workflows.

Granular RBAC for Tight Compliance

Create user roles with custom permissions to control access to source code repositories, build servers, and pipelines.  Easily apply across teams, tools, workflows, and projects.

Control Secrets and Credentials

Implement separation of duties such as development, testing, and pipeline management, manage third-party access to vendors and contractors.

Unified CI-CD Experience

Connect your DevOps toolchains for collaborations, alerts, tracking, packaging, testing, securing, releasing, monitoring, and more to enable end-to-end automation across your tool stack.

End-to-end Automation of Toolchains

Integrate your existing toolchain into the Ozone CI-CD process to collaborate, alert, track, package, test, secure, release, and monitor. Extensive integrations so you can never be vendor-locked to any providers.

Unified Dashboard for Code to Customer Visibility

Access key information and insights through a unified DevOps dashboard for code-to-customer visibility.

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