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Deploy 10X faster

With Ozone Continuous Delivery Platform, test, verify, deploy, and rollback automatically without fret!

Experience Visual CD

From drag-and-drop DAG-aware pipelines to the health of deployments and instant rollbacks, Ozone provides a new visual experience to simplify and automate CD. 

Simplified Release Management

Connect multiple individual pipelines to build complex releases. Customize pipelines visually or in the YAML using our low-code UI to deploy “app of apps” releases.  Trigger pipelines and releases through Tekton triggers without code configurations, unlike GitOps. 

Ozone Pipeline Studio

Drag and drop multiple tasks D.A.G style (Directed Acyclic Graphs). Quickly configure complex pipelines with tasks running in series or multiple parallel paths.  Choose from an out-of-the-box catalog of 100+ templates provided to quickly configure complex pipelines.

Control Pipeline Sprawl

With parametrization, templatization, and other capabilities, Ozone provides a 10x reduction in pipelines over traditional tools.

Parametrized Pipelines for Multi-Cluster Deployments

Standardize and automate software delivery with secure, parameterized pipelines driven by Tekton. Tweak pipeline parameters visually, and reuse them for deploying identical microservices across multiple clusters. 

Reusable Templates & Plugins

Use Tekton and your extensive in-house library of templates, plugins, and integrations to reduce sprawl and seamlessly integrate with the tools and services you already use.

Rollout and Rollback Made Easy

A visual UI, breadth of integrations, and continuous feedback make even the most complex releases easy to roll out and roll back if necessary.

Advanced Parallelization of Deployment Tasks

Flexible pipeline configuration enables parallelization of tasks for simultaneous deployment of microservices across test, UAT, development, sandbox, production, and multiple other environments or clusters, irrespective of providers. Task concurrency helps parallelize post-deployment scans and custom alerting.

Canary and Blue-Green Made Better

Execute release strategies like canary, blue/green, and other incremental rollouts with just a drag-and-click of the rollout templates shipped right OOTB. Configure strategies in a few simple steps, either visually or on the YAML with our low-code UI. Plan rollouts to user groups across infrastructure and geographies with flexibility and control. 

Rollback Pipelines

Associate a rollback pipeline with a deployment pipeline at the time of pipeline creation in the Ozone Pipeline Studio. Rollback pipelines are run automatically should deployments not go well. Easily configure a complex set of rollback tasks.

ML-based Failure Prediction and Rollbacks

Predict failures during deployments with ML capabilities and proactive rollbacks with data from our integrations with APM tools (New Relic, Prometheus, Loki, Grafana, DataDog, AppDynamics, etc), and a robust algorithm under-the-hood. Automate day-2 operations with ML-based continuous verifications for improved application availability and eliminating manual observations.

Code-to-Customer Dashboards

Gain real-time visibility and control of your pipelines, clusters, and applications with a powerful analytics dashboard. 

Unified Cluster-Level Insights

Ozone provides cluster-level insights like CPU, memory, and health of your pods with intuitive visualizations without the need to access the cloud provider portal.

Pipeline Run View and Logs

Dig deeper into the tasks and step-level status of pipeline runs, and debug for faster deployments.

DORA and Deployment Metrics

Get industry-standard DORA metrics out of the box. Deployment metrics with insights on your microservices, infrastructure, and DevOps performance.

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