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Registry Management​

Making agile CI/CD a possibility with efficient management of registries​


Simplified Registry Access

Empower developers to securely access and utilize registries hosted in public or private clouds, without the need for extensive infrastructure expertise.

Automated Image Tagging for Version Control

Dynamically generate image tags using commit IDs within the pipeline and ensure versioning accuracy to prevent code drift. This facilitates easier version tracking once an application is deployed.

Reduced Image Sprawl

Configure repositories as custom microservices, and deploy them to a single registry to reduce image sprawl. Reduce clutter and improve overall system performance. Consolidate your microservices in a single repository for better control, easier management, and faster deployment workflows.



Registries as Helm Catalogs

Deploy Helm charts effortlessly through direct integrations


Dynamic Versioning

Add latest commit to the image tag automatically to provide context of the deployed version


Harbor and Jfrog

Streamline release of Helm apps by managing Jfrog and Harbor as Helm chart stores


Dynamic Secrets Management

Streamlined and secure access to valuable data assets

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