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Manage Helm Release​

Empowering Effortless Helm Deployments and Streamlined Configuration Management​


Zero CLI and SRE dependency

Eliminate the need for expertise in helm charts for developers to easily manage helm releases without CLI and access to clusters, reducing dependency and learning curve.

Centralized Helm Chart Catalog

Deploy effortlessly through direct integration with a unified catalog (registry). Store and share Helm charts across teams from both public and private Helm channels.

Standardized Helm Configurations

Fine-tune and share Helm chart values as deployment standards across an organization. Ensure configurations like high availability, disaster recovery, and others are standardized which helps streamline Helm releases.



One-Click deploy

Enable Helm agents to deploy across clusters



Project-level control for performing a Helm release


Standardized Helm

Map values for any Helm chart, and share to reuse


Secrets Management

Prevent secrets sprawl while managing multiple K8s service account tokens


Intuitive UI

Create and manage Helm microservices and releases with an easy-to-access view of the Helm charts

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