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Incremental Rollout Strategies​

Smarter Deployments with Simplified Rollout Strategies, Instant Rollbacks, and Comprehensive Observability​


Standardized Configurations

Task templates can help simplify the configuration of rollouts, allowing it to be shared as a standardized practice across the organization, minimizing deployment risks and ensuring consistency in deployments.

Zero Setup

Eliminate the need to set up load balancers across clouds for canary or blue-green releases with pre-built templates. Automation based on Kubernetes metrics helps reduce risk and effort needed for incremental rollouts.

Instant Rollbacks for Fault-Free Deployments

Instantly rollback to previous versions of tested code, providing a fail-safe mechanism to prevent service disruptions during incremental rollouts.

Comprehensive Observability and Monitoring during Rollouts

Gain visibility across the cloud stack with real-time monitoring of pod statuses, cluster metrics, logs, and alerts for proactive troubleshooting.



Task Templates

Pre-built & customizable templates for blue-green, rolling, and canary releases


Higher Availability

Automated rollbacks based on analysis of cluster metrics


Visibility across clouds

Insights & alerts on application health from APMs, K8s events, pod statuses, logs and metrics



GUI-based pipeline builder to configure rollouts without dependency on skill sets

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