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Application security​

Secure CI/CD workflows and DevSecOps practices for reliable deployments​


Sharing and Consumption of Security technologies

Associate with many of the various start points for deployments like git commit time, pull request creation time, or git merge time along with various other finish points such as a k8s manifest update or an end of a gradual rollout to flexibly measure deployments. 

Secrets Management across clusters and environments

Ozone’s in-built vault eliminates the need of manual integrations and infrastructure knowledge to set up a secure environment. Store secrets like cloud credentials, SCM integration credentials, registry secrets for CI/CD, and more.  

Dynamic Secrets Injection

Prevent secret leaks by injecting them as variables into pipeline runs and cleaning them up right after. This helps developers consume secrets freely and securely.

Vulnerability Monitoring Across K8s Stacks

 A unified dashboard helps collate and monitor data like images, code, Kubernetes cluster resources, and more from multiple DevSecOps tools, thus tackling the challenge of context-switching.



Automated Flows

No manual gates needed for
security approvals


In-Built Vault

Secure storage powered
by Hashicorp


DevSecOps Stack

Native support for Snyk, Sonarqube,Clair, Syft, and more to define and re-use CI/CD workflows


Pipeline Triggers

Automated pipelines built from a common template help make governance easy 


Unified Dashboard

Monitor vulnerabilities
across deployments

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